Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Is this the Ugliest Grand Designs house ever? Couple defend their £450,000 home made out of CONCRETE after presenter Kevin McCloud compares it to a 'nuclear bunker' and a 'car park' (13 Pics)

A COUPLE have defended their £450,000 dream family home after Kevin McCloud calls it a "nuclear bunker".
Deep sea diver, Adrian Corrigall and his wife Megan spent 18 months building their house in Lewes, East Sussex, entirely out on concrete.
The controversial development will appear on tonight's episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs which sees host Kevin voice scepticism, comparing the property to a "car park" and "electricity substation", adding that it doesn't look "homely enough".
Adrian, 46, and wife Megan spent £500,000 on the plot of land and budgeted to spend an additional £400,000 on building the property.
However, the couple ran into unexpected costs, adding £50,000 to the final bill, forcing Adrian to take deep sea diving jobs to bring in the cash, leaving Megan to manage the building of the house solo.
She said: "We have had an absolute nightmare, we’ve got credit cards and god knows what up to our eyeballs."
She adds: "We were pushed into this position where we couldn’t do anything, we had to go and get some money. So [Adrian] has gone and left me to it. It’s literally been the worst week of my life, it’s been awful."
The couple stand by their creation, despite the financial hardship, which Adrian claims is inspired by concrete skate parks he used growing up as a BMX rider in Scotland.
They use Swiss 'nano-concrete' which uses cutting edge technology to micro-reinforce bits of glass fibre and shards of stainless steel to strengthen the concrete.
Adrian said: "It's a great big brutal concrete bunker. Building in concrete is a really simple way to build a house. You’re pouring concrete, you’re not messing around with bricks and mortar, and you’re not doing any of that.
Adrian and Megan Corrigall, pictured, paid £500,000 for the plot and set aside an additional budget of between £300,000 and £400,000 to build the bungalow out of a cutting-edge concrete - but ended up overspending by £50,000
"It’s about an honest building built out of a really truly, 21st century material with an incredible history but we’re using it in its most modern way it can be utilised… And we’re doing it on a budget."
The property features four bedrooms, all with unfinished concrete walls, and a concrete swimming pool with a view of the surrounding countryside.
Collected furniture inside the building gives it character, including a second hand university science classroom work station in the kitchen, complete with burns and stains uncleaned.
Critical of the innovative design, which began being constructed in October 2017, Kevin calls the building an "unwelcoming fortress" upon arrival.
He then asks: "It's pure and uncompromised… An aesthetic however, which is also going to be governed by the connotations of concrete, because underneath the questions of aesthetics lies a fundamental question: Could you live in a car park?"

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  1. With some external insulation this home could be a massive heat sink and hold a constant temperature with little heat/cooling inputs. I wonder if this insulation is there.