Saturday, October 20, 2018

'Please! Please! I'm too old!': Horrifying moment a thug grabs a terrified pensioner and hurls him to the ground as he begs the attacker to stop

A yob was filmed attacking a terrified pensioner who begged him: "Please! Please! Please! I'm too old!"
In the distressing clip, a thug grabs the elderly man and violently throws him to the ground so he hits his head on the pavement.
At the end of the video , the old man is left moaning in pain as he lies incapacitated on the street.
The incident was filmed in a suburb of Moseley, Birmingham.
The appalling attack is believed to have taken place on Tuesday and the footage has been shared across social media.
The video - which appears to have been captured by a bystander - begins with the pensioner and the male having an inaudible exchange.
In the video, the thug suddenly grabs the old man's right arm and tries to push him to the ground.
The elderly man loses his balance and begins to stagger. He desperately begs his assailant to stop and pleads: "Please! Please! Please! I'm too old!"
But the yob ignores him and he brutally throws the old man to the ground so that his head hits the pavement with a walloping smash.
Bystanders can be heard gasping in shock as the pensioner forcefully falls to the ground.
The elderly male lies injured on the ground and winces in pain. The thug is heard cursing at the pensioner: "Don't f*** round. So you can't f*** around you d****head".
An onlooker is then heard telling the assailant "That's out of order!" and the assailant angrily replies "Eh?".
The person reproaches him again and repeats: "That was out of order."
Then another child in the background can be heard admonishing the thug and shouts.
Shockingly, the assailant threatens the kid and intimidatingly says: "Do you want some as well?"
The camera then pans to the elderly pensioner's shoes as he lies incapacitated on the pavement. The video then cuts to an end.

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  1. These thugs shall pray that they never run into me...