Thursday, October 18, 2018

Policeman tells 11-year-old carrying BB gun 'I could have killed you' in powerful bodycam recording

A police officer told an 11-year-old boy carrying a BB gun "I could have killed you" in a powerful body cam recording.
Officer Peter Casuccio got a call over his radio that a boy wearing red tracksuit bottoms had been seen with a weapon.
When he saw the youngster, who was with a 13-year-old friend, he demanded they drop the weapon and get on their knees.
He then gave the boys a serious lesson, telling them they could have been shot dead.
Their conversation, and that with the schoolboy's mum when he took the youngster home, were captured on powerful bodycam footage.
"This is getting kids killed all over the country," officer Casuccio said, while holding up the boy's BB gun.
"In today’s world, listen, that thing looks real, bro."
The youngsters agree and apologise, before telling the policeman they are aged just 11 and 13.
The older boy, told his friend: "If that was a different cop..."
The officer adds: "Do you think I want to shoot an 11-year-old? Do you think I want to shoot a 13-year-old?
"I pride myself on being a pretty bad hombre, 'cause I got to be. Don’t make me."
Back at the boy's home the mother was grateful the officer did not shoot her boy.
"He could have shot you for that, you know that?" the concerned mother said.
The officer added: "He dropped it real fast, but I didn't know it was a BB gun until it hit the sidewalk.
"Regardless of what people say about the dudes wearing this uniform, we care.
"I've been in the military, I've been overseas, I'm a police officer, I've had to do things I hope your generation never have to do.
"The last thing I ever want to do is shoot an 11-year-old.
"Your life hasn't even started yet, and it could have ended, because I wouldn't have missed. I could have killed you."
Danyelle Solomon, senior director on race and ethnicity at the Center for American Progress, told ABC News: "I am glad to see the officer took the time to accurately assess the situation, try to talk to the children about the current world we live in and not use deadly force.
"It’s a sad day that I am glad an officer didn’t shoot an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old."
Tamir Rice, was just 12, when he was shot by a police officer in Ohio, Cleveland in November 2014.
He had been carrying a BB Gun.


  1. Bull shit.We carried our BB guns and .22's back in the day and never came close to having a cop shoot us.This is on the tyrannical minion enforcer,not on the kids!

  2. I would put the cop on unpaid leave and review his mental capacity to be a cop.
    As a parent I would start legal proceedings against the cop, the department and the city. That a cop would say such things to a child is beyond my comprehension.
    That he would seriously have thought about shooting a child, even if the child had a genuine weapon is beyond me.
    The child is traumatised and needs considerable and expensive medical and psychiatric help.
    The cop just needs to be fired.

  3. Those kids should have been carrying a real gun and shot the cop. Then the kids should have given the cop a stern lesson, stating that they could have killed him like cops have been doing to thousands of innocent Americans every year, NOT including their pet animals.

  4. psycho cop killed so many women and little girls in the service is mentally damaged. he still had to make himself into a raving lunatic while giving the boys a lesson

  5. This is where the commies brought America through their educational system...Kids shall learn how to shoot, participate in school shooting competitions and be be taught to be responsible gun owners...