Wednesday, October 24, 2018

'What next, Personchester?' Bakery faces online backlash for selling 'gender neutral' gingerbread 'persons' (13 Pics)

A family bakery has caused outrage after renaming their gingerbread men - 'gingerbread persons'.
The classic ginger biscuit has undergone some controversial rebranding in recent years after complaints about products being 'gender neutral' and not given a sex.
Now, a bakery in York has faced a fierce backlash after a customer spotted the 'gingerbread persons' on sale in their store.
Since his invention in the 16th century as a delicacy for Elizabeth I, the biscuit has been known only as a gingerbread man. 
The owners of Thomas the Baker said it is not a recent thing - and that the decision was made in 1983.
Regardless, the internet has blasted the bakers for the re-labelling 'takes the biscuit'. 
And Britons are keen to keep it that way. 
The image of the Ginger Persons offended the internet with Britons asking 'what is the world coming to?'

Demii-Leigh Heffron from Manchester originally spotted the biscuit, posting an image with the caption 'It's happening. Stop the earth I want to get off'.
The image was shared more than 8,000 times.  
One Twitter user said: 'What is going on in the world they’ve always been GINGERBREAD MEN now they’re called ‘Gingerbread persons' the world has officially gone NUTS.
Colin McKray wrote: 'Still having sleepless nights about gingerpersons originally being called gingerbread men #Neverforget.' 
Bridgette Cody said: 'What on earth is our world coming too? They have always been gingerbread men!!!

'It’s ridiculous that someone would get offended by that. We are becoming to whiny.'
Others blamed 'feminists' and 'snowflakes' for the change.
Some asked 'where does it stop?' with one man joking Manchester would be renamed 'personchester'. 
Red headed people also joked about themselves being offended.
Matthew Rose said: 'I'm ginger and I feel it's incredibly offensive. They should just be called persons!'
James McDonald added: 'Need to get rid of the ginger and just have persons, terribly offensive to myself.'
Others pointed out there was a 'deal' above for 50p cakes - or four for £2. 

Ceire Francis said: 'Surely ginger persons is more offensive than a gingerbread man.
'How do you think the ginges feel being singled out?! I mean I see them walking about everyday.'
The bakers is not the first to change the name.
The owners of High Street bakers JL Bean in the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool decided to make their biscuits gender neutral last year. 
Safeway made the decision years before, and introduced male and female clothing for their gingerbread.  
Other bakeries have done the same, as well as larger stores including Safeway in a bid to make the biscuits gender neutral
Thomas the Baker said it has been doing it for decades.
They said: 'Sorry to disappoint you all - they have been Ginger Persons since 1983! It was chosen by one of our Managers in York and the name stuck.
'We did get a complaint from trading standards in the 80's that we were discriminating against ginger haired people - seriously!!'

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