Sunday, November 18, 2018

Can’t fix STUPID: Alyssa Milano’s bright idea to put Georgians out of work because Democrats lost there is ALL FAIL (12 Pics)

Nothing says sane, rational, and thoughtful like wanting to put a bunch of people out of work in a state you don’t even live in because you don’t like who won an election there. We’re not entirely sure why Alyssa Milano thought it was wise to complain about people actually having jobs in the entertainment industry in Georgia but here we are …



  1. do you really care about what a stupid actress may have said?

    1. The people of Georgia who actually did vote "democrat" should be aware that this is what "democrats" think of them. I am from California, trust me, this kind of hatred for Southerners, or any rural population, is normal among California "democrats". In fact calling it normal is an understatement.

  2. Alyssa Milano who's that?
    Oh the idiot that never saw a conservative that she didn't hate.
    Whats she done lately? Other than help turn California Communist.
    Georgia is a great State to make movies in. Y'all need to make a few civil war movies showing how democrats were behind Slavery and the Triple K. Maybe throw in the Jim Crow laws they thought up. And, How the democrats have been protecting their Plantation with trickery and out right Lies.
    Now that's a series of Movies that I'd watch and enjoy. You can find a lot of that history deep in your newspaper and State historical archives.

  3. Alyssa Milano...

    I had to look up who exactly this chick was.

    She was Arnie's kid in Commando. Okay, cool. And Tony Danza's kid in a 30 year old sitcom.

    So, basically, she's a washed up former child actress struggling to stay relevant. What a stupid, stupid woman.