Thursday, November 22, 2018

CNN host exposes Trump’s ‘fear playbook’ — and details the 6 major pre-midterm lies he duped the media into spreading

Though the 2018 midterms have passed — and they were a resounding rebuke to the GOP — CNN host Brooke Baldwin took the time Wednesday to review the disgusting and deceptive campaign President Donald Trump led in an effort to drive up turnout among his base.
It was an important segment because Trump’s lies are most successful when they’re immediately amplified for his political gain and then forgotten about. Far too many outlets still credulously cover his statements as if they’re equivalent to the relatively reliable assertions of past presidents — and not, as we should know by now, more likely than not to be false.
“It is not unusual for politicians to make promises and break promises,” said Baldwin. “But the difference here is that the president is always looking to do it bigger, the likes of which this world has never seen before, right?”
She proceeded to detail six promises and claims that Trump has completely reversed himself on since the end of the election.
  1. The migrant caravan — which he warned was an invasion, and then largely forgot about it
  2. Ending birthright citizenship, an objective that was always out of his reach, and hasn’t been mentioned since the campaign ended
  3. A 10 percent middle-class tax, which was never possible when he promised it and now goes unmentioned
  4. Protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions — a promise he violated even as he made it, and an issue that he is now ignoring
  5. The Democrat-induced stock market crash — the markets have been hit, but not as a result of the blue wave
  6. Nancy Pelosi’s speakership — he warned she would be a danger to the country, and then endorsed her as speaker
“The scare tactics were on full display before Americans voted, so the next time he does this, and there will be a next time, just remember the fear playbook should be even more obvious to all of us,” said Baldwin.
Watch the clip below:

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  1. That's nothing check this blogger's comment-
    Thomas Carlson • 5 hours ago
    Thomas, the official narrative of the events of 9/11 is full of holes. First off, how did US officials know within hours that it was done by 19 Arabs led by Osama bin Laden, with their names and pictures splashed all over the MSM? No real investigation of the crime scenes had yet taken place. Whoever actually did 9/11 was able to shut down our air defenses, cover up or simply destroy the forensic evidence, and keep the public totally focused on the evil terrorists. We marched off to war within weeks, one that had been planned months before.