Thursday, November 22, 2018

Conservative Watchdog Group Releases Christmas Guide So You Can Avoid Sponsoring The Left’s Agenda

On Tuesday, conservative watchdog group 2ndVote released a Christmas guide for consumers looking to avoid giving money to corporations that fund the Left's agenda.
2ndVote describes itself as a "conservative watchdog for corporate activism" that "exposes the corporations and organizations funding liberal advocacy." The group's stated mission is to "expose the corporate influence on matters of culture and policy and turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles."
2ndVote's 2018 Christmas Gift Guide offers a list of gifts from establishments that have passed the group's rigorous vetting system.
"Conservative consumers look for better alternatives to liberal retailers like Target and Walmart because they'd rather align their shopping dollars with their values instead of supporting the left's agenda," explained 2ndVote Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. "Our research team has found some of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2018 and vetted the manufacturers and companies where these items are sold."
Some of the items on list, which can be accessed here, include children's toys from Wicked Cool Toys and Spin Master, and Aura Glass and ElevationLab products for the adults in your life.
The group scores big businesses on a scale from one to five based on their liberal activism:
1. The score of 1 indicates direct donations or direct support to a liberal group, cause, organization, or non-profit.
2: The score of 2 indicates indirect donations or indirect support to a liberal group, cause or organization or non-profit. For example: When a company contributes to a United Way chapter that funds Planned Parenthood.
3: The score of 3 indicates neutrality on an issue. Either a company has no record of supporting or not supporting any issue or the company has given to equally between liberal and conservative groups, causes, organizations and non-profits.
4: The score of 4 indicates indirect donations or support to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit.
5. The score of 5 indicates direct donations or supports to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit.

"2ndVote has given Target a score of 1.4 (Liberal) and Walmart as score of 1.3 (Liberal) in its online company database. However, all of the manufacturers and retailers on the 2018 Christmas Gift Guide have received a score of 3 (neutral) or higher," says a press release from the group.
"Major retailers have terrible records of supporting liberal activists and pushing leftist causes," said Mr. Kuykendall. "In addition to funding pro-abortion, pro-sanctuary city, and anti-2nd Amendment groups, Target still maintains its dangerous policy of allowing men into women's bathrooms. Walmart is a corporate supporter of similar organizations as well as the left-wing Center for American Progress."
"The next few weeks are critical to the bottom line for many in the retail industry," he continued. "It's the time where conservatives can have the greatest impact with their shopping dollars as a tool to engage corporations for their activism. By taking their dollars elsewhere, conservatives are depriving these companies of the funds that will be used to support the liberal agenda."

 2ndVote also provides an important list of all the companies and nonprofits that have directly funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which kills about 320,000 unborn babies annually. The watchdog group also provides a lengthy list of companies that have supported 3rd party groups that fund Planned Parenthood.

Access the full 2ndVote 2018 Christmas Gift Guide, here.

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