Thursday, November 1, 2018

Parking warden slaps ticket on Ambulance Car and refuses to rip it up even when paramedic explains she is on a 999 call

A traffic warden has refused to rip up a parking ticket placed on an ambulance car attending a 999 emergency call.  
The Rapid Response Vehicle had screeched to a halt in Bargates, Christchurch, Dorset, before the paramedic rushed to treat a patient.
She got back to the vehicle, carrying all her emergency equipment with her, to find the warden writing out a ticket.
The paramedic, who hasn't been named, protested and explained she was on an emergency but the enforcement officer continued with the ticket and issued a fine.
Dorset County Council, who employ the warden, have today apologised and cancelled the ticket.
The council tweeted 'Having investigated the incident, this ticket has now been cancelled.'
A spokesman added 'The Civil Enforcement Officer issued the ticket after noticing that the vehicle hadn't moved for around 30 minutes and was unable to locate the driver.
'However, when the medic returned it became clear she was on duty, would therefore be exempt and was informed as such by the officer.
'CEOs cannot cancel tickets themselves once issued, but as soon as the full circumstances were established back at the office we were happy to immediately cancel the ticket. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.'
On social media, Lee Poole9 posted 'Absolute jobsworths. Did the traffic warden really think that the driver of the car was out having a leisurely lunch?
'Seriously, these people have absolutely zero common sense. Let's hope this warden has to visit hospital soon. I would love the response to be "sorry can't treat you today, we had to spend £50 on a parking ticket whilst saving somebody's life so cant afford to treat your illness".'
Penhale Returns said 'How do these jobsworths sleep at night, what would their families say if they knew that they were ticketing ambulances and paramedic response cars?
'Common sense seems to have disappeared in recent years. Are councils that hard up that they instruct these idiots to ticket everything? A few days ago a warden ticketed a builders wheelbarrow. What on earth is this country coming to?'

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