Friday, November 30, 2018

Transgender teen films teachers hounding her in school bathroom: 'I'm so scared and violated right now' (5 Pics)

A transgender teen says she’s “scared and violated” after a group of adults forcibly opened a private stall while she used the bathroom in her Minnesota school.
From inside the stall, the teen filmed a woman prying open the door with a crowbar and then standing with her back to the toilet while two men, one using a walkie-talkie, stood by the entrance. “Look at what they’re doing,” says the teen in the video posted to social media. “I’m using the bathroom right now. They just violated me.” She asks for the name of the woman, who doesn’t reply.
“Oh my god, they just violated me. They’re some perverts,” says the teen, closing the door. The woman replies, “Right now, you’re barricading yourself.”
“There’s no concern and no safety just because I’m using the bathroom. I’m posting this.” Then, turning the camera on herself, the teen says, “I’m so scared and violated right now.”
 She told the Daily Dot, “I’m not personally in touch with the student, but in her video, she asked for people to share it far and wide. So, I made it my priority to share it because it infuriated me to my core. No one should be treated in the manner she was treated.” 
Social media identifies the school as Osseo Senior High School in Minnesota — which Woods told the Daily Dot was confirmed by the teen herself in a separate Facebook video — although school administrators did not respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. A school representative told the Daily Dot that it couldn’t confirm whether the incident occurred. 
A girl who called herself the sister of the teen who used the toilet wrote on Facebook Wednesday, “Okay look, the people who work at Osseo Senior High don’t like doing things like what they did to my brother. If it gets to the point they have to do it. They gave my brother time to use the bathroom and get out. He has a bathroom of his own to use whenever he wants to use it because he doesn’t feel comfortable using a men’s bathroom. My brother is transgender and looks at himself as a woman, he doesn’t care for titles such as “he” or “she,” as long as he knows who he is then that’s all that matters.”
The sibling continued, “He knows he isn’t able to use the women’s bathroom cause he will get in trouble, he just chooses to anyways. The reason why they won’t let him use the women’s bathroom is because other girls won’t feel comfortable. Which is why he has a bathroom he can go to without being looked at differently but that doesn’t give the school a right to invade my brother’s privacy like that while in the stall SITTING ON THE TOILET!” Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach the sister for comment. 
The girl says that the school supports her sibling wearing makeup and a wig but that administrators should not have barged into her stall. Woods’s video was tweeted hundreds of times, and what it portrayed was called an injustice.


  1. "my brother was using the girl's bathroom"
    that should be the defining factor in this instance.

  2. This is such nonsense! Kick this B-O-Y out. If he wants to be such an attention seeking histrionic.....let him do it on his own time.

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