Sunday, December 9, 2018

Photographer Follows Squirrels Daily For 6 Years, And Here Are 50 Of His Best Photos

Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of red squirrels. His journey of nature and animal photography has started 6 years ago when he met a beautiful fox on his doorstep. Geert brought the fox some meat and they immediately became friends, the fox would come back daily to get more food and Geert would use it as an opportunity to capture her beauty.
Soon after more animals started coming to his balcony, so it quickly became his studio with nature props, cameras, and mirrors. Geert started capturing the beauty of not only the fox but also a Russian bird and eventually, red squirrels appeared on his balcony. Little did he know, that these tiny creatures will become his living. Now he even organizes squirrel workshops at home 2 times a year when the squirrels arrive.

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