Wednesday, December 5, 2018

‘Troll game strong’: The internet can’t stop laughing at Mueller’s heavily-redacted sentencing memo

It took very little time for Twitter to begin cracking jokes and making memes about special counsel Robert Mueller’s heavy redaction on his sentencing memo for former senior Trump aide Michael Flynn.
Though some information is clear in the memo — including that Mueller suggests no prison time for Flynn but believes “senior government leaders should be held to the highest standard” — not much can be gleaned from it. 
Lots of people pointed out what the memo left out — and some made jokes about it.
“21 USC §§331, 333, 343 & 21 CFR §133.113(a)(3) make it a federal crime for a cheesemaker to sell cheddar cheese unless the curd was matted into a cohesive mass,” an account called “A Crime A Day” tweeted. They then added that “lots of other stuff was redacted from the Flynn memo, too.”
Others still turned the redaction into a joke of its own.
“Girl, are you a heavily redacted document? Because I just can’t read you,” Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham tweeted.
Check out more hilarious responses below:

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