Thursday, February 7, 2019

Catholic college gives out breast-flattening ‘chest binders’ to women who believe they are men

A Catholic college in New York seems to be encouraging women in gender transition by providing them with "chest binders" to flatten their breasts.

What are the details?

The counseling center at the College of Saint Rose in Albany is giving away chest binders to women in order for those women to obscure and minimize their breasts.
According to The Chronicle — the school's student newspaper — the center is providing the binders for free to students who want them, and each student who requests one is able to receive a new one at the start of each semester.
The paper points out that no counseling is required for students to receive a chest binder, and the center reported that "many students have utilized the program saying they feel much more comfortable in their bodies and appreciate the school having a program that makes them comfortable."
Students came up with the idea for the program, and set up a budget for the school to approve, according to Chronicle writer Ameara Ditsche.
According to Ditsche, "When someone who was born female later begins to identify as transgender or non-binary their breasts are often something that seems uncontrollable when they attempt to present in a more masculine or agenda way."

What did one student say?

Sam Rariden, a student at the college, said that the binders are important to one's transition, because "[i]f someone doesn't bind their chest correctly, they can end up harming themselves in the process."
Rariden added, "Using the binder helps my battle with gender dysphoria. The first time I did it I remember looking down at my chest and then into the mirror, feeling euphoria at how happy it made me feel. It helps me feel in control of my body."


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