Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Teen Goes Against Anti-Vaxx Mom And Gets Vaccinated At School, Mom Has A Major Meltdown (5 Pics)

Opposition to vaccines goes as far back as 1772 when Reverend Edmund Massey in England called them “diabolical operations” in his sermon, “The Dangerous and Sinful Practice of Inoculation.” But even now, after vaccines heavily contributed to decreasing rates of common childhood diseases and have even wiped out some diseases that were common in the past (such as smallpox, rinderpest) and have nearly eradicated malaria and polio, some people still fight against them. Recently, 14-year-old Beth from Canada posted a conversation she had with her anti-vaxx mom after getting vaccinated at school in fear of suspension.
“I’m a freshman in high school, and my mom never let get my vaccines in grade 7, which caused me to be suspended in grade 7 and 8,” they wrote. “This year, the kids who hadn’t gotten them were called down to get them, and I had missed 4 very important vaccines. I got them, and I was given a note to show my mom what I had gotten. When I told my mom, she got mad because I didn’t ask her, and she wasn’t given any heads up about it (she was given notice). She [said] that it was wrong and awful that they did that because she said that the vaccines I got cause problems and diseases, which I obviously believed for a long time as I was raised to believe that, but now being older I can see how messed up that is.”
“She went on about how she was going sue my school for giving me vaccines and she was calling the cops. When I got home she yelled at me for having them done. I calmly tried to tell her they were important to my health, which prompted her to take my phone and say I’m not allowed to make that decision for her. I didn’t want to be suspended AGAIN for not having the vaccines done.”
“Am I the a**hole for caring about my education, health and the health of others?”

“I’d describe my relationship with my mother as pretty distant,” Beth told. “Others have commented on my bond with my mother saying its almost like we live in two different houses, we don’t talk very often.”
“I’m not too sure if my mom was always against vaccines, in fact, I didn’t find out until the incident,” she added. “Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s ever going to change, she’s not the type of person to back down when she makes a decision.”
Luckily, Beth managed to gather information elsewhere. “I’ve formed my own opinion with vaccines just by learning in school the dangers of not getting them, and what should be common knowledge.”

Beth even uploaded a picture of the immunization notice they received


  1. yeah there are lawsuits going on. and it turns out most vaccines have a list of problems the vaccines can cause you. all the way to may cause death. sorry vaccines are more of a problem than it is a solution.

  2. It's so nice to know Teens still have all the knowledge and wisdom. Thought so as well when I was in those shoes. Modern day vaccines are laced with stuff we don't want injected into our bodies. Way too many reports of mercury and other harmful added yuck being included for shelf life etc. Reasoning behind law indicates unvaccinated may spread that which the vaccinations protect against. If the vaccine is worthy then there shouldn't be any worries of it spreading to others vaccinated. Our bodies, Our decision. Teens may make these decisions after out of parental care.

  3. This child is an ignorant moron.

  4. Medicine is for the sick, not the well. The kid seems to have no problem following fictional authority and judging by his atrocious grammar, the vaccine is working as intended. Is it a classroom, a prison or a hospital? When do these kids actually learn something useful? I love how they teach about great men without ever teaching how to be one... that's a special talent.

  5. Just kick him out of the house and let him live on his own. SHow him a video of how the weather is made.

  6. And in a recent italian study, they found that the vaccines contain many things but no antigens for what the diseases.

  7. "But even now, after vaccines heavily contributed to decreasing rates of common childhood diseases."

    This untruth is apparent from the historical data. Selling this deadly myth should be a crime and perhaps one day will be.

    May 1987 The Times of London reported on its front page that smallpox vaccine administered by the World Health organization had triggered HIV/AIDS. 100 Million Vaccinated Africans are at risk. Areas with highest vaccination rate show highest HIV/AIDS rates. Robert Gallo, discoverer of the HIV/AIDS virus, defends those figures and says, "AIDS researchers will keep their mouths shut because they are paid to do so."

  8. The concept of "herd immunization" itself points out that beyond the many documented dangers of vaccines, these jabs do not work as advertised. Naturally-acquired immunity, on the other hand, does work and lasts a lifetime. The only "booster" our immune system needs is healthy food, proper hydration, and sufficient physical activity and rest. People have forgotten the American Medical Association was formerly named the 'American Chemical Association'.