Thursday, March 21, 2019

11-Year-Old Charged With Attempted Murder Appointed Public Defender

An 11-year-old charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder made his first court appearance Friday.
He was appointed a public defender but at the request of attorneys, the media was not allowed inside for proceedings.
Just a few blocks away, one of the alleged victims, a 14-year-old, was on life support — and his family is anticipating he would not make it.
Diana Slaughter, grandmother to David Fulton Vongphachanh, said David was on life support Friday, after initially saying he had died.
"He's gone as far as I'm concerned," Slaughter said. "There is no hope. They said none. He's brain dead and he's only 14 years old." 
She said the family hopes that can save some other lives with his organs.
The teen's father was recovering from an extensive, six-hour surgery after police say he was shot by that 11-year-old. 
Slaughter said she is familiar with the child accused of pulling the trigger.
"This child was very disturbed in some way," she said.
She says he's stayed at her home before. She believes the child was stealing from her grandson before the shooting, and said David's cellphone and Xbox are missing.
"If you've got guns, you can put them up all day long, these kids find them," Slaughter said


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