Sunday, March 31, 2019

Alex Jones: Instagram refuses to remove right-wing conspiracy theorists' anti-semitic post

Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was expected to have his Instagram account shut down, or at least have a recently posted photo deleted, after he recently posted an image of an art piece called “False Profits” on his Instagram story.
The image depicts six white men with hooked noses playing monopoly on the backs of other humans, surrounded by gold, skulls, money, medicine, and a globe.
In the background appears to be the city of Manhattan in nuclear fall-out, and the men sit in front of the pyramid of the Great Seal of the United States.
The pyramid with the all-seeing eye has been co-opted by conspiracy theorists as evidence of an evil “new world order”. The globe on the table also may potentially represent “globalists”, two heavily used anti-semitic tropes.
Despite this, Instagram claims that the post did not violate their community standards.
There seems to be disagreement at parent-company Facebook among high level executives, if Jones is a hate figure or not, as seen in leaked emails.
The post has since been removed, although not by Instagram.
This is not the first time Jones has been criticised for posting controversial conspiracy material. Jones is known for claiming that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a false flag hoax and for his claims that in fluoride treated water turns frogs gay.

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