Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Beautiful architecture around the world that’s been lost forever (36 Photos)

Westminister Hotel – Los Angeles, California
Opened in 1887, demolished in 1960.
Anhalter Bahnhof – Berlin, Germany
Opened in 1880, this is what it looked like pre and post WWII, and what’s left standing today.
Funicular railway to Notre-Dame de la Garde – Marseille, France
Built in 1892, demolished in 1974.
Board of Trade Building – Toronto, Ontario
Built in 1892, it was one of the first skyscrapers in Toronto and stood until 1958.
Crappo Building – Bay City, Michigan
Built in 1891, refaced in 1960, and rediscovered in 2017.
Old Detroit Opera House – Detroit, Michigan
Opened in 1898, demolished in 1966.
Parsons Block, aka The Flatiron Building – Holyoke, Massachusetts
Built in 1876, demolished in 1952.
The port city of Smyrna – Modern day İzmir, Turkey
Before the Great Fire of Smyrna in 1922 which destroyed most of the city.
Hasselgården – Oslo, Norway
Built in 1902, renovated beyond recognition in 1970.
The 1900 Paris Exposition – Paris, France
Built for the fair and demolished right after.
Penn Station – New York City, New York
Opened in 1910 and demolished in 1963 to make way for Madison Square Garden.
Union Station – Columbus, Ohio
Opened in 1897, demolished in 1979.
The ruins of the Temple of Bel – Palmyra, Syria
Dated to 32 AD, the ruins were considered among the best preserved in Palmyra until they were destroyed by ISIS in 2015.
The Bank of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Built in 1896, demolished in 1957.
The Great Synagogue of Warsaw – Warsaw, Poland
Built in 1878, destroyed by the Nazis in 1943 during WWII.
Nocton Hall – Lincolnshire, England
Built around 1530, destroyed in a fire in 2004.
Old Detroit City Hall – Detroit, Michigan
Built in 1871, demolished in 1961.
Tesnov Train Station – Prague, Czech Republic
Opened in 1875 and demolished in 1972 to make room for a highway and park.
A Ceremonial Gate built to greet Franz Joseph I of Austria – Prague, Czech Republic
Built in 1907.
Pan-Pacific Auditorium – Los Angeles, California
Opened in 1935, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 but was destroyed in a fire in 1989.
The First City Hall of Springfield – Springfield, Massachusetts
Built in 1855, destroyed in a fire in 1905.
Leipzig Opera – Leipzig, Germany
Opened in 1868, it was destroyed in WWII, and the modern opera house was rebuilt in 1960.
Lewisohn Stadium – New York City, New York
Opened in 1915 and demolished in 1973 to make way for the North Academic Center.
Bryson-Bonebrake Building – Los Angeles, California
Built in 1888, demolished in 1934.
George Lamb Memorial Chapel – Hull, England
Built in 1893, it was devastated by a fire in 2015 and now only ruins are left, held up by scaffolding.
Town and Country Center – Houston, Texas
Built in 1977, demolished in 2017.
Old Town Hall – Prague, Czech Republic
Built around 1840, the east and north wing were destroyed by a fire in 1945 during the Prague uprising and never rebuilt.
Theater am Habsburger Ring – Cologne, Germany
Opened in 1902, destroyed in bombings during WWII.
Mechanic’s Hall – Boston, Massachusetts
Built in 1881, demolished in 1959.
North British & Mercantile Insurance Company Building – Edinburgh, Scotland
Built 1905, demolished and replaced 1966.
The Rotunde – Vienna, Austria
Built in 1873 for the Vienna World Fair, it was the largest cupola construction in the world, larger than the Pantheon in Rome, until it burned down in 1937.
Tilburg Central Station – Tilburg, Netherlands
Opened in 1863, demolished in 1961.
Odeon Theater – London, England
Opened in 1938, the theatre closed in 1970 and was eventually demolished in 1988.
The American Embassy – Berlin, Germany
Before and after WWII.
Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel – Atlantic City, New Jersey
Opened in 1906 and demolished in 1978 and replaced by Bally’s Park Place Casino and Hotel.
9th Regiment Armory – New York City, New York
Built in 1894, demolished in 1971.

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