Friday, March 15, 2019

Jewelry store owner, 74, starts throwing punches when creep apparently thinks gold chains are easy pickings

Last month a man entered Daniel Setton's jewelry store in Hollywood, Florida, asked to look at several items — and made off with a case containing $100,000 in jewelry, WPLG-TV reported. It was all caught on surveillance video, but the suspect hasn't been found, the station said.
Apparently the 74-year-old merchant had quite enough of that.
Because on March 2 another man walked into his store during the afternoon wanting service.
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Setton recalled to WPLG: "He came over here and he say, 'I purchase two chains two or three months ago, and it's broken.' I say, 'No problem. I have a jeweler over here. We'll fix it for you — no charge.'"
Image source: WLPG-TV video screenshot

But the friendly gesture didn't quite do it for the guy, and Setton told the station he demanded a new chain and got upset when Setton said no.
Surveillance video shows the man walking behind the counter — and police told WPLG he went to a restricted area where gold chains are kept.
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Not so fast, sonny

Setton apparently was in no mood for a repeat robbery, and video shows him cutting off the would-be thief — and cutting him down to size.
"I pushed him from the chains back — all of the way back — and we had a fist fight," he recalled to the station.
Image source: YouTube screenshot

The younger adversary — who looked to be about 30 years old, Setton told WLPG — didn't put up much of a battle. Video shows him trying to get a couple of punches in, too, but they both seemed to miss. In the process, Setton also looked like he got the guy in a headlock.
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Soon the fella apparently had enough and exited the store in a gray Honda, WLPG said.
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Police are looking for him, the station said.
Here's surveillance video of the incident:
Setton didn't seem the least bit frightened after the ordeal.
"I'm sorry that happened," he told WLPG. "I'm not here, 74 years old, to start fighting, but if you have to, you have to, you know?"

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