Saturday, March 9, 2019

Transgender cycling champ: Excluding trans women from women's sports is like excluding black women from women's sports

Rachel McKinnon — a biological male who transitioned to female andplaced first in a women's cycling world championship in October — has been making more headlines of late.
McKinnon wins championship in October 

McKinnon also called Martina Navratilova "transphobic" in the wake of the tennis legend's op-ed saying that transgender women competing against biological women is "insane and cheating." Navratilova — a lesbian — was booted from an LGBTQ advocacy group over her comments.

A new declaration

On the heels of ripping Davies and Navratilova, McKinnon — who's also a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina — added a doozy: Excluding transgender women from women's sports is akin to excluding black women from women's sports.
Image source: Twitter

How did others react?

While some Twitter users supported McKinnon's declaration, others weren't buying it.
  • "False equivalence, and you know it."
  • "From which gender do black women transition to become women? Your lack of common sense is astonishing."
  • "You are saying the biological differences between a black and a white woman are comparable to the biological differences between a transwoman and a ciswoman?"
Other users accused McKinnon of racism:
  • "He is a white man identifying as a white woman claiming black women are exactly the same as whole ass men who transition! I think the f*** not! Take that racist and anti women men's rights stuff [somewhere] else cause this good black sis is not buying it!"
  • "Ah, the racism rampant amongst white trans rears its ugly head yet again. No. There is zero comparison b/w exclusion based on race, and sex-separation b/c of clear male advantage. Your position [would] be cleaner if you argued against sex-separation altogether."
  • "Black women aren't a subspecies of women. We are not socialized as men. We do not go through puberty as men. We do not live as men. Our bodies are not male. Stop using us as props in your weak arguments. All it does is reveal your own racism."
  • "Black Women Are Women! Transwomen are a subset of men! Stop with this nonsense! As I black woman it's a false equivalence based on the same bulls**t white supremacy and patriarchy, entitlement that allows men to identify as women."
One user got into a debate with McKinnon that's worth pointing out:
Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter, redacted

Below is a video report that includes an interview with McKinnon who argued, "Trans women are women. Trans men are men ... to treat me as a different king of female or woman is inherently unjust." The relevant portion begins at the 3-minute mark:


  1. Of the entire LGBTQWXYandZ conglomerate, the T is the one to watch very closely..

  2. I love the tangled web this sort of queer shit has woven. And let's make it even more fun. Now is the time to draft femiNazi women. Won't that get some panties in a bunch.

  3. I think I am fine with transgender rights, but when did which sports you can compete in become a "right"? Also it's always been the case that women can compete in most men's sports if they choose to, so it's not like the trans don't have a place to compete. That's not what it's about, they want to win. Although most men would find winning a woman's race to be a rather hollow victory, in a lot of cases there are scholarships and prize money available. These scholarships are meant for women! Eventually a transwoman will win the LPGA tour or a major tennis title and then this lunacy will be exposed for what it is. It could spell the end of women participating in women's sport. I mean think about it, why would your daughter want to play soccer when she knows there is no chance of a fair contest because the other team is a bunch of transitioning boys? Why would she want to compete in track and field and do all that training when it is a foregone conclusion the winner will be transgender?

    Martina Navratilova was right to call this insanity out. It's hurting girls and therefore the exact opposite of feminism. We shouldn't need a lesbian to remind us what a woman is, but Martina should know.

    Also this whole "LGBTQ" community thing is a farce. The only thing they have in common is discrimination. There are no lesbians who want to date a transgender, gays who want to date lesbians, or bisexuals who even care about the discussion. Therefore it is not a community. What most communities have in common at their core is that their members tend to date and marry within the community. That's true whether the community is based on religion, education, politics, or even where you live. Therefor there could be something like a "trans-community", but I don't think you can throw them all together. That would be like saying there was an ABSMJA community (Asian-Black-Spanish-Muslim-Jewish-Atheist) community just because they share a common intersectionality of discrimination. There is no such thing as "LGBTQ". Those are 5 different things.

  4. All that is required to "solve" this man made problem is simple English. A "trans woman" is a MAN. A "trans woman" is a HE. The gender of a "trans woman" is MALE.

    Yes I understand the "trans woman" is a male who wants to be a woman. I want to be a multi-millionaire. As my parents told me time without number if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

    A society which allows itself to be ruled by this gender nonsense does not have a good future.

  5. Born with penis= male
    Born with vagina = female
    Claims otherwise are delusion.