Thursday, June 27, 2019

Material from Library’s Youth Pride Celebration Encourages Them to Become ‘the Lord of Unzipping Flies’

The culture war is real.
There is a battle, both physical and spiritual, for the heart and soul of America. And like any war, those most vulnerable are children.
That’s why it matters when a public library in Renton, Washington permits an event that targets children with messages that encourage sexual behavior, hands out sex paraphernalia and then bans adults who show up to the event with questions.
Now there will be those that are thinking I’m close-minded and need to just understand that this is the way things are now. But as a parent of 4, I am interested in the messages that the culture is shoving in their little brains. And pardon for me for wanting to be able to assume that a event for kids at a public library might be — I don’t know — kid friendly.
The event in question was a “Teen Pride” celebration. The event’s official description was “Learn about local organizations here to support you! Free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels! Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag! Free binder raffle!”
In case you don’t know what that last thing is your kids could have won at the library raffle,  “binders” are clothing for “trans people” and are “the first garments designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding.”
Just a typical trip to the library, dad. Nothing to see here.
And that’s not all. The parents whose taxes funded King County Library also had their hard earned dollars returned to them in the way of the teen pride event handing their children condoms, lube, and penis-shaped sex pamphlets.
Daddy, look what the nice man, er, lady, er person gave me at the library! It’s a piece of paper shaped like a penis with a poem on it! I’ll read to you, daddy!
“Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”

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These were being handed out by . supports handing out condoms and genital shaped sex Documents to little children! Now they are harassing these old, Christian Women!

Why is @TwitterSafety protecting Emerald City Antifa? @MLChristiansen @Timcast

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Well, that really got spun out of control in a hurry. Surely, this event was for older teens. Surely, it was not for children who aren’t supposed to even watch Avengers without a parent or guardian?
According to its description on the library website, the event is “suitable for teens and tweens.” Tweens are kids between 10-12 years old. Aha Parenting warns parents of tweens to “be aware that the more popular culture your child is exposed to, the more risk she runs…..of drug and alcohol use, depression and early sexual experimentation.”
Thanks for the parenting advice that every human should already know… except for the twits at the King County library.
And if you don’t know how to parent, I’ll help you out. When a library takes your tax dollars and invites your community’s 10-year-olds to a strip-tease show by a drag queen, don’t go. Unless you go to film it and make sure everybody involved gets fired or voted out.
Hard pass on that. Let’s chill with the gross dancing and maybe hit a few sit ups and try a dang salad.
Call me old fashioned, but I want my tweens building with Legos, playing Fortnite and reading Chronicles of Narnia. And I won’t ask tax payers to pay a nickle for any of it.

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