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George Bush Sr. Once Wrote This Funny Memo To The White House Staff Regarding His Fat Dog Ranger

Presidential dogs are a tradition that goes back all the way to George Washington – 30 of the 44 presidents have had at least one dog in the West Wing.
Current President Donald Trump is the first since William McKinley over 100 years ago to not have a dog or pet of any kind in the White House, explaining that he “doesn’t have the time,” and that it “feels a little phony to me.” According to his first wife Ivana, Trump is simply “not a dog fan.”

Back in 1992, when George Bush Sr. was President, an English Springer Spaniel named Ranger found a happy home at the White House. Ranger was a friendly pup who was popular with the staff, so much so that many of them couldn’t resist giving him treats.
Ranger became so fat that Bush had to send out this hilarious memo, instructing staff to refrain from feeding Ranger “food of any kind.”
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Ranger was one of six puppies from his mother Millie, who is often referred to as “the most famous dog in White House history.”

President George H.W. Bush and his first dog Millie taking a walk with her puppies. One of the puppies is Ranger

“My dog Millie knows more about foreign affairs than these two bozos,” George Bush Sr. said during his reelection campaign, in reference to opposition candidates Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

President George H.W. Bush plays with presidential dogs Ranger and Millie after an early afternoon jog at the U.S. Naval Observatory in 1991

Image credits: Joe Marquette
Millie is even credited as the author of Millie’s Book, which was released in August 1990 and reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller nonfiction list that same year.

President George H.W. Bush enjoying a walk with presidential dogs Ranger and Millie

Image credits: Biddle, Susan
Sadly, Ranger was euthanized in April 1993 due to cancer, with his obesity contributing to his overall poor health.
Ranger’s brother Spot would later become another presidential pet after George W. Bush moved into the White House in 2001.
Image credits: LettersOfNote

Here’s what people had to say about Ranger and the amusing memo

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