Thursday, August 29, 2019

HAH! President Trump Takes Potshot at NY Times Never-Trumper Bret Stephens Who Quit Twitter after Being Called “Bedbug”

As reported earlier by Cassandra Fairbanks — New York Occasions op-ed columnist and By no means-Trumper Bret Stephens had a lousy day on Tuesday just after snitching to the boss of a professor who wrote a humorous viral tweet evaluating him to a bed bug when information broke that the newspaper’s workplace is infested.
Stephens then deleted his Twitter account amid huge backlash and mockery for his thin skin.
Dish it out but can’t take it Dept: Bret Stephens was upset that some professor called him a “bedbug” on twitter, so he sent him a personal note to complain (and a dinner invite) and cc’d his Provost.
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Bret Stephens wrote the man’s bass just after staying in contrast to a bug.
This afternoon, I tweeted a brief joke about a well-known NYT op-Ed columnist.

It got 9 likes and 0 retweets. I did not @ him. He does not follow me.

He just emailed me, cc’ing my university provost. He is deeply offended that I called him a metaphorical bedbug.
This is the similar man who routinely targets President Trump and his supporters with vicious attacks.

On Wednesday President Trump jumped in and slammed the “bedbug” reporter.

“The infestation of bedbugs at The New York Times office” @OANN was perhaps brought in by lightweight journalist Bret Stephens, a Conservative who does anything that his bosses at the paper tell him to do! He is now quitting Twitter after being called a “bedbug.” Tough guy!
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He wasn’t via nevertheless.
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