Friday, September 20, 2019

The anti-life progressive left tries to mock God with their love for abortion. They will lose.

One of the greatest comforts any Christian has is that God will not be mocked.
The trick to believing that, though, is one must have eyes to see and ears to hear beyond the chaos and noise of the daily cesspool. For isn't it the most brutal and bloody mockery of God to year after year watch as countless babies are slaughtered at the altar of personal convenience and fake rights?
The latest example is the recent scriptural debauchery of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg concerning the beginning of life. It has been exhausting for many a Christian to be regularly accused of fraudulent biblical hermeneutics and morality by a man who is not only hitched to a dude but recently said the smart money is on believing that a baby isn't a baby until it breathes its first breath.
It's an interesting math. Suggest that life begins at conception — you know, like science testifies to — and you are an oppressive theocrat. Argue that killing a baby in the womb may actually be endorsed by God Himself and you are enlightened.
How, as Théoden once asked, can man fight such reckless hate? Only God knows.
Which is why He seems to have weighed in in His own way following Mayor Pete's faux-holy dog-and-pony show. As it already stood, it seemed to be dripping with providential irony that Buttigieg hails from the city where one of the most recognizable Christian schools in the entire world — Notre Dame — calls home. Then just in the last week, the darkest of horrors arose to turn up the volume of divine certainty all the more.
There, in South Bend, Indiana, was discovered the partial remains of more than 2,000 murdered babies within the home of a now deceased child-killling doctor. Or, according to the biblical logic of Buttigieg, it was little different than a man with a stamp collection. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of body parts that never knew oxygen.
Most people really couldn't believe such a lie when Kermit Gosnell told his own version of it, which is why he is now in prison. But most of those people also simply shrugged and moved on with their life.
And most people also really couldn't believe such a lie when Planned Parenthood was discovered to be the reported proud sellers of frozen dismembered body parts, which is why Planned Parenthood and their political/judicial partners in crime continue to fight so hard to bury the truth. But other than the likes of David Daleiden and Lila Rose, most of those people once again simply shrugged and moved on.
Now here we are, with the grotesque cost of Mayor Pete's theology coming to light in his very own backyard, as he attempts to take the reins of the entire country and impose his worldview on the rest of us.
This can't be a coincidence. The symmetry, though horrible, is also perfect. Like the cross, it seems destined to remind us of our place in the world and what we are called to do. However, while in the case of the cross every knee shall bend, in the case of Mayor Pete and his deadly licentiousness every heart shall cry out.
With eyes to see and ears to hear, it is as clear as ever in South Bend that God's thumb is pressing hard on the scales of truth, justice, and mercy. The only question remaining then is this: What are our thumbs doing?

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