Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gambler Loses Bet, Allegedly Offers His Wife To Opponent As Payment

In the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar an Indian man gambled away more money then he could afford to pay, so he allegedly offered the man who won the bet something rather unusual.
His wife.
If that weren’t enough humiliation for the wife, as The Daily Mail reports, when the man returned home after his catastrophic adventure, he awakened his wife, whose name is Chanda Devi, and reportedly instructed her to pack her bags because his opponent would arrive the next morning to collect his “winnings.”
Devi told reporters, “’My husband told me the winner was coming to the house in the morning so I should get ready to leave with him because he lost the bet.”
Strike one: losing the bet. Strike two: allegedly offering his wife. Strike three: in the morning, when his wife refused to leave with the opponent, Shah allegedly assaulted Devi, prompting her go to the police station to report what had happened.
Senior police official Kumar Sunny stated, “We have registered the case and have begun investigation.” He added that they wanted to interview Devi for additional information and had asked her to return so they could do so but she never came back, having fled to live with her parents.  He said, “We were informed the woman has left for her parent’s home.”
Gulf News reported of another incident in which a wife was offered to the winner in a gambling match in the very same district as Nevi but with a twist: the wife who left with the winner was, in fact, the gambler who lost the bet. She had gambled and lost to a local villager Bambholi Yadav in the annual gambling fair during Diwali. The winner, who hugged the wife in public view after she lost, took the married woman back to his home for two days. Gulf News stated she “happily went away with the winner.”
Gulf News added:
She was finally rescued and sent to her husband after two days following intervention by fellow villagers. The woman who was an ace gambler had been winning cash every year during the gambling fair but that time she ended up losing the principal amount of Rs7,000 after initially winning some cash. Eventually, she placed herself on the bet after losing all cash and lost to the villager.
The Hindustan Times reported in August of a similar story with a horrifying ending:

… a man addicted to gambling and alcohol, bet his wife after running out of money and allowed his friends to gang-rape her after losing the stake … The victim, who lives in the Zafarabad police station area, claimed that her husband was an alcoholic and had put her on stake while gambling. After the incident, the victim went to her maternal uncle’s house. Her husband followed her there, asking for forgiveness and said that it was a mistake.
After he apologized, she went back with him in his car. On their way, her husband stopped the car and allowed his friends to gang-rape her once again.

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