Wednesday, November 29, 2017

20 Not Normal Uses For Everyday Things

1. Turn your MINI into your office space. 

2. Learn to make the best of the situation.

3. Why draw with colored pencils when you can do this?

4. Vintage post-its.
5. Would you like some disco to go with your sidewalk?
6. The most comfortable blanket.
7. There's never a bottle opener when you need one.
8. A most delicious pet.
9. He lives!
10. Not just for grandmothers.
11. Another reason to never throw out your boxes.
12. Don't forget to rewind when you're done.
13. Who writes anymore anyway?
14. The most versatile construction material.
15. A message from the 21st century.
16. Brew a cup of hot dogs.
17. Convert your phone into a headset.
18. If it fits...
19. Slice bread with your laptop.
20. This brings a whole new meaning to recycling tires.

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